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  • <strong>Tracie Hermanson</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 42
Lost 80 pounds, 46 inches
  • <strong>Linda Logan</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 50
Lost 53 pounds, 43 inches
  • <strong>Adrienne Foley</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 45
Lost 20 pounds, 15 inches
  • <strong>Amber Walz</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 31
Lost 75 pounds, 10 dress sizes
  • <strong>Susan Ryan</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 52
Lost 30 pounds, 21 inches
  • <strong>Travis Jensen</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 32
Lost 26 pounds, 3 inches off his waist
  • <strong>Cutler Steidl</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 23
Lost 30 pounds
  • <strong>Bonnie Sogge</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 43
Lost 30 pounds, 3 dress sizes
  • <strong>Christine Kane</strong>, Eagan, MN – age 36
Lost 16 inches, 7 inches off her waist
  • <strong>Jean Winter</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 57
Lost 22 pounds, gained 8 pounds of muscle
  • <strong>Kelly Albers</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 54
Lost 32 pounds, 28 inches, 7 inches off waist
  • <strong>Kelly/Sam Helgerson</strong>,Apple Valley, MN – Total lost 130 pounds

Eagan Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor Shares The Evolution of Fitness Training

By · Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The world of exercise is changing rapidly.Unfortunately a lot of people are still in the dark ages and want to walk aimlessly on a treadmill for 40-50 minutes and then go hop on a couple of machines and then call it a day.

This type of program is not only grossly inefficient, but in some instances it can be situations in can actually lead to injury.You definitely need a safer, more effective program that is going to give you more bang for your buck.

The modern fitness program really needs to consider seven key areas:

  • Mobility and Movement Preparation: activate muscles, stretch tight muscles and improve movement.All our personal training programs at The Body Project begin with this phase.
  • Corrective Exercise: Do you know anyone who has ever had a shoulder or back injury? I’m sure you do, they are two of the most common musculoskeletal problems of today. Let’s start implementing some basic strategies to make the body resilient…

Look at some of our amazing testimonials of clients that recovered from long term pain with our corrective exercise programming.Through our assessments, many muscle imbalances are uncovered and then addressed through proper training.

  • Core Training: Despite what some writers would have you believe – direct core training is necessary and the science validates it. And today’s core training is about stabilization and dynamic stabilization — not thousands of crunches in an “ab class”.At the Body Project our personal trainers integrate core training in almost every exercise, it’s that important.
  • Resistance Training: Still the most important part of a program — but we need to focus on function, linked system strength and real world strength – not necessary isolation. Science has shown that a higher frequency exposure to training each body part, and a multiple exposure to rep ranges outperforms the old-fashioned “once a week, three sets of ten” approach for today’s client.Some personal trainers right here in Eagan are still training their clients like body builders.
  • Metabolic Training: 21st Century cardio – the ability to do higher levels of work – and sustain that output over time — not just the ability to work at a level where you can “hold a conversation”
  • Regeneration: If you have a training strategy – you need a recovery and regeneration strategy. Life is too demanding to just assume that not coming to the gym is optimal for your results. We have too much science available to ignore.

Many of our clients that come to the Body Project have some level of either thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, so we sometimes need to work on their insides more than their outsides.A nice by-product of some of the nutritional therapies we use here, like Nutrition Response Testing is it really helps us get to the underlying cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.

So when you start looking for exercise professionals you need to look for someone who has a more holistic approach, because after all who wants to look great, but feel terrible.

Check out our amazing success stories and then find out how you can become one to.


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  • <strong>Jennifer Miller</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 40
Lost 21 pounds, gained 8 pounds of muscle
  • <strong>Julie Kazukiewicz</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 48
Lost 80 pounds
  • <strong>Sandra Beck</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 52
Lost 40 pounds, size 14 down to size 8
  • <strong>Kellie Helgerson</strong>, Apple Valley, MN – Age 53
Lost 48 pounds, 30 inches
  • <strong>Joe Peterson</strong>, Hasting, MN – Age 37
Lost 50 pounds
  • <strong>Amy Gezel</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 42
Lost 61 pounds, 5 dress sizes
  • <strong>Shannon Haugh</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 37
Lost 38 pounds, 11 inches
  • <strong>Lisa McKeown</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 46
Lost 40 pounds, 32 inches
  • <strong>Sandra McGinty</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 54
Lost 18 pounds
  • <strong>Tina Arend</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 42
Lost 34 pounds 30 inches
  • <strong>Tracy Clark</strong>, Eagan, MN – Age 50
Lost 31 pounds, 23 inches
  • <strong> Mary Broback</strong>, Rosemount, MN – Age 56, Lost 30 pounds