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Mission Statement

The Body Project is dedicated to revolutionizing the health journey for individuals wanting to live their best life.

Our mission is to lay a strong, sustainable foundation for your health, custom-tailored to your unique life story.

We believe in a holistic approach, integrating mental, emotional, and physical wellness strategies

to create a personalized path towards optimal health.

Our programs are designed to evolve with you, focusing on building resilience, strength,

and balance in every aspect of your life.

We are more than a wellness solution; we are a community committed to nurturing

your journey towards peak health and happiness, ensuring you not only age well

but thrive with vitality and joy at every stage of life.

Optimal Health and a "Systems Approach"

You need someone to treat your body as a system, instead of just treating your symptom. Why?
If you just isolate the area and suppress the symptom, you'll likely not get to the root cause of your problem leading you to, "chasing your symptoms".  Ultimately becoming a slave to a doctor or a practitioner forever.

The 7 Main Variables That Contribute to Your Health Challenges

Your symptom or dysfunction is merely a sign that your body is out of balance. Stress is the major factor that knocks your body out of homeostasis or balance.

However, it is really the stress response within the body that causes your body to produce a symptom.

The variables or stressors that affect the body and pull it out of balance are shown to the left.

Your Road to a Healthy Body

Begins Here

Step 1


We will first take your health history, conduct a nutrition and lifestyle assessment as well as explain our holistic methods we use.

Step 2

Comprehensive Evaluation

We then determine which of the 7 main stressors are creating an imbalance in your body. This allows us to get to the root cause of your symptom. 

Step 3

Personalized Plan

Finally we customize your plan based on your evaluation, not some cookie cutter program.

Our Services

Meet the Founders

Hi, we are Rob and Paula Smith and our personal mission is to help you finally reach your health and body transformation goals, the same way we have already done for 100's of others.

Between us we have over 50 years of experience, a masters degree in Human Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences as well as 25 different certifications, such as applied kinesiology, nutritional microscopy, breathing coach, core conditioning specialist, energy healing and life coaching, just to name a few.

With our proven holistic methods, coaching, support and accountability, we are committed to supporting our clients through their total healing journey.

Get Educated

Get educated on how to optimize your health with Rob's

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