A Holistic Approach to Optimal Health

Don't get caught chasing your symptoms.

Get to the root cause and Reclaim your health.

“Because being alive isn’t the same as living”

Our holistic healing consists of:

  • Clinical nutrition

  • Supplements

  • Energy medicine

Your Road to Optimal Health Begins Here

Step 1


This includes your health history, pain history, and nutrition and lifestyle assessment.

Step 2

Comprehensive Evaluation

Using non-invasive techniques we will evaluate The 7 major Stressors to your body:

Step 3

Personalized Plan

There are many variables that can cause your symptom and that's why your plan is customized for your body, not some cookie cutter program.

Common Results Experienced

  • Increase in energy

  • Decrease pain and Inflammation

  • Improved sleep

  • Normalize digestion

  • Balance out hormones naturally

  • Improve mood

  • Decrease brain fog

Health Challenges Addressed

  • Sleep Issues

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Perimenopause symptoms

  • Pain

  • Digestion

  • Weight loss

Holistic Healing Methods Based on Muscle Testing

Initially used in the 20th century to measure muscle weakness in polio patients, this practice is presently used in over 70 different techniques by more than one million practitioners worldwide.

Holistic health practitioners initiate muscle testing by asking a definitive question and then gauging the positive and negative muscle response.

A strong muscle response indicates a “yes” or positive answer, while the weak muscle response indicates a “no” answer. By querying the nervous system in this way, energetic imbalances can be found and eliminated quite efficiently.

In a session we use a muscle test to communicate with your body. We read the energy and then using our test kits that contain cell energies we determine what attracts to your energy field. This way we can peel back the onion of what is stressing your nervous system.

Using the MFT test kits (as shown above) we can observe the effect of a muscle response test as these energy signatures are introduced to the body’s natural energetic field. We can then develop protocols to provide the client with suggested, targeted changes to their diet and lifestyle.

At The Body Project we have 100's of vials in our test kits ranging from foods, heavy metals, viruses, chemicals, funguses, and parasites and more.

Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice you have experienced. This system is rooted firmly in the belief that whole food nutrients contain the potential to heal the body.

No two individual’s health concerns are ever the same, this is why cookie cutter programs don't work for most people.

This is a truly individualized approach to healing.

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When you leave you will know what is stressing out your body at that moment.

Knowledge is power. You will be empowered to take charge of your health.

Together with your practitioner, you will make a plan to

make changes to improve your health right away!

We never guess; we always assess

Your body has an amazing capacity to keep itself healthy. We
look forward to assisting you as we journey toward your goals!

Katherine Pederson,

Inver Grove Heights

Severe hormonal imbalances had turned my life upside down. I was constantly fatigued, moody, and struggled with sleep. Paula’s incredible understanding and blend of the Body Code, Emotion Code and MFT provided me with the tools to regain control over my life. Her guidance allowed me to correct these imbalances and regain my vitality. Today, I am energetic, my moods are stable, and I am sleeping better than ever." Thank you, Paula!

Peter Fingleston,

Prior Lake

"Constant migraines were ruining my life. Every day was a struggle until I met Paula. Her extensive knowledge of the various energy techniques brought me relief I hadn't dreamed was possible. She helped me understand and address the root cause of my migraines. Today, I wake up without the dread of a looming migraine, and I have Paula to thank for it."

Jenniffer Mickelson,


"I was always the one to catch a cold, even in the middle of the summer. My immune system was weak, and it was severely affecting my quality of life. Then I discovered The Body Project and Paula. With her help, we were able to release quite a few trapped emotions as well as discover the fact that I had heavy metals from my dental work that were stressing my nervous system, thus contributing to my weak immune health. It's been a transformative journey, and I can confidently say that I've never felt better. My immune system has grown stronger, and I am no longer the person always fighting off an illness. I am grateful to Paula for guiding me on this path to a stronger immune system and healthier life."

Brian Gardner,


"My struggle with sleep had begun to take a toll on my physical health and mental well-being. I was desperate for help when one of my co-workers referred me to Paula.
She guided me through the process of identifying and releasing the trapped emotions that were affecting my sleep. I would have never believed it could have been these “trapped energies” as she calls them. I literally spent thousands on tests and various sleep aids before I came into The Body Project. It's been a few months now, and I can't remember the last time I had a restless night. My life has taken a turn for the better, and I have Paula to thank for this." There are now seven people that I work with that have all had amazing results and we all keep sending people to this awesome wellness center!"


AGE 53

"Living with chronic digestive issues felt like being stuck on a never-ending roller coaster of discomfort and embarrassment. Paula, with her expert use of the Body Code, provided me with the key to get off this ride. Her understanding and compassionate approach helped me confront and rectify the underlying causes of my digestive problems. The improvement in my quality of life has been astounding."


AGE 47

"My life was overshadowed by anxiety until I discovered Paula and her work with the Morphogenic field technique. She patiently guided me through the process, using various techniques to identify and correct the imbalances causing my anxiety. With each session, I could feel a change, a release of the tight knot of tension that had become a constant in my life. I am no longer on any medication and today, I feel lighter, calmer, and ready to seize life with open arms. I only wish I would have found The Body Project sooner. "

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