A Holistic Approach to 

Natural Pain Relief 

 Life is too short to let pain slow you down!

Pain Should NOT put the brakes on your life

Just because something is common - Whether its 

drugs or surgeries or 

cookie cutter care - 

Doesn't mean it's best for YOU

All Our Clients Recive A Customized Program

All Our Clients Receive A Customized Program Based On Their Personal Assessment

We absolutely understand that Pain can be draining:

Physically, Emotionally and Financially 

Other treatment programs that haven't worked for you may even lead you to feel:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Disappointed

  • Confused

  • Hopeless

  • Frustrated

  • Discouraged

We've been there, and so have many of our previous and current clients.

But, there is a solution that's been validated by hundreds of our clients.

Your Road to a Pain Free Body

Begins Here

Step 1


This includes your health history, pain history, and nutrition and lifestyle assessment.

Step 2

Comprehensive Evaluation

We assess how your muscles and joints are functioning. How you are moving.

What the root cause of your pain is. 

Step 3

Personalized Plan

There are many variables that can cause your pain and that's why your plan is customized for your body, not some cookie cutter program.

Holistic Physical Rehabilitation and a "Systems Approach"

You need someone to treat your body as a system, instead of just treating your symptom (pain) Why?
If you just isolate the area you may get rid of pain, but likely not get to the root cause of your problem leading you to, "chasing your pain".  Ultimately becoming a slave to a doctor or a therapist forever.

The 7 Main Variables That Contribute to Pain

 Typical therapy programs focus on just one reason or variable that is causing your pain and they simply don't address the other six variables. This is why so many people fall through the cracks and never truly "FIX" their problem.

YOU must take a "Systems Approach" to identify the root cause of your condition and to get long term results

What happens to your body when you are in pain?

When you are in pain your body compensates by changing how you move. Certain muscles get weak and other muscles get tight and restricted.    Your damaged cells also lose their electrical charge.  The Result? Nutrients can't enter your cells, toxins can't exit your cells and you don't heal optimally keeping you on the pain roller coaster.

Our 3 Step Treatment Approach

Step 1

Balance your muscles:

 Strengthen your weakened muscles

 Loosen your tight restricted muscles

Step 2

Restore the electrical charge to your damaged cells.

Step 3

Re-educate your muscles and joints to move correctly.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Tracey Oxborough

I am someone that has had a lifetime of back trouble since I hurt my back when I was 18. I recently decided that I am at a stage in my life where I better make an intentional investment in my body if I want a good place to reside in my future years.

I am turning 60 this Summer and it gave me the extra incentive to turn my thoughts inward and evaluate where I needed to spend some time refurbishing places where my body was in need. The first place I thought of was The Body Project to help me in this endeavor.

Rob helped me in so many ways and it all started with educating me on how my body is supposed to work optimally. From the foundational work on breathing, to the exercises to correct parts that were working too hard, back to the muscles groups that were actually supposed to be doing the work. I was reminded how we think, and speak, informs our outcomes. And that our body is indeed listening.

This is the part I appreciate the most. It is a place where your whole self is included in the movement forward to health. I am feeling amazing now in my body and my spirit, and I know that it is because I had a great coach and guide in Rob to lead me in a new direction. He is such a blessing!

Tracey Oxborough



Carol Tamminen

I suffered with low back pain most of my adult life. I was pretty much always in pain and just to function I lived on daily ibuprofen for months at a time. My chiropractor would tell me I was in alignment, but I still had low back pain. I ended up having back surgery and then physical therapy, but it didn’t last, and the pain came back. The worst thing about the pain is that it just made me crabby because I always hurt! I literally would have to crawl to the bathroom when I would throw my back out. It was horrible!  

Paula and Julie recommended I see Rob for an assessment. After the assessment although I was hopeful, I had struggled so long I didn’t know if someone could really help me completely get out of pain. During my assessment with Rob, he quickly determined what was causing my pain and explained it in a way that made sense to me. I made the decision to work with Rob with the hopes he could help me feel better and finally get my body pain free. He was very meticulous about how to perform every exercise and stretch. I couldn’t believe the difference when I did it right versus incorrectly. Rob also explained one of the reasons for my pain and inability to heal was my scar from my surgery. He did a lot of work on the scar, and it was amazing how quickly I made progress. His 3-step approach made so much sense to me. The combination of the equipment he uses with his knowledge helped me get out of the pain I had for thirty years!   

I still can’t believe I no longer have pain! I recently helped my daughter paint her house and the following week helped my son move into his new house. Both of those things would have put me in horrible pain for days.  I can now also snowmobile for hours and still no pain, ride in the car for hours and no pain!  

We also discovered I was doing a number of fitness exercises completely wrong, and they were also stressing my back with the way I was doing them. It has dramatically changed my life and I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with pain to give Rob a call.  

Carol Tamminen, Inver Grove Heights

Former 30 year back pain sufferer 



Karla Schedelbauer

I had done some research and found that The Body Project takes a comprehensive, natural approach to maximize one's health. It was then that I decided that I didn't just want to heal the injury that had been causing me constant pain but wanted to give myself the gift of overall good health. I was not ready to write off my constant pain, lack of energy, difficulty in losing weight and generally not feeling well to just a consequence of getting older. So, I signed up for the package that included micro-current therapy to heal my neck and shoulder, Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology to give my body all the support it needed. And Wow! The results were amazing and are still paying off!

After just a few sessions of micro-current therapy I was PAIN FREE. Let me say that again, after suffering with low to medium grade constant pain for three years I was pain free using an un-invasive process that was better than any spa treatment I had ever had! Additionally, Paula worked with me to find the supplements that were specific to my body's needs. As a result my energy increased and feeling good was no longer the exception but the norm in my life.

With my body functioning normally and Julie's nutritional guidance the pounds finally began to come off. I had tried just about every diet plan, exercised myself to exhaustion and the burn out point at the gym and tried many one size fits all supplements over the years. None had lasting results. The Body Project's comprehensive approach to treat my body's specific needs was the missing piece I had been searching for for years! Thank you Rob, Paula, Mary and Julie!

Karla Schedelbauer

Wabasha, MN


Kathy Pollock

I first became aware of the Body Project in 2011 through my good friend, Julie Podpeskar. For most of my life, I have had stomach issues and chronic heartburn. I had seen many doctors over the years for this and usually walked away with a prescription for Prilosec. Obviously, this was not the solution I was looking for and sought help from Paula to get to the root of the problem. Through her knowledge and nutrition response testing, she determined that I had wheat sensitivities and sugar issues. After altering my diet and taking the natural supplements she recommended, my heartburn was gone and the majority of my stomach issues disappeared. I have continued to see Paula over all these years, to keep me on track with my diet and feeling good.

I also began having shoulder pain several years ago, but initially ignored it. As the pain increased, I began seeing a chiropractor regularly, had massage therapy and finally consulted an orthopedic doctor, who gave me therapy exercises and suggested cortisone shots. I did not want to do the shots and the exercises did not help. Nothing was working and it continued to worsen and limit my mobility. Paula suggested that I see Rob for therapy. We worked together weekly for about two months. Although the therapy was very intense at times, my shoulder improved dramatically. I have not had therapy on that shoulder for 1 ½ years, and I still have full mobility and no pain.

Now I am learning how to protect and strengthen my back and joints; I am learning how to breathe properly while exercising and at rest; I am working on balance, increasing strength and improving posture; I am learning how important this all is as I age and desire to stay healthy and active. Nothing looks and feels as good as being strong and healthy.

I have also taken advantage of the many services The Body Project has to offer to reduce stress and I am never disappointed in any of the services they offer. My husband and children are also clients and have had much success with their nutrition and fitness goals. I have referred many friends and neighbors to The Body Project and will continue to do so.

My experience with The Body Project has been life changing for me. I am so fortunate to have found them and to live only 5 minutes away. Rob and Paula are such dedicated professionals, along with every employee that works there. I am so grateful for their commitment to helping me and my family achieve our health and fitness goals.

Kathy Pollack

Eagan, MN

Ally Christianson

It’s the end of a beautiful, warm June day, and I’m reflecting on the day’s events.
I woke up early, and roused my 10 year-old daughter and 12 year-old son.
We hopped in the car and drove to a youth speed and agility class, where I helped with some of the teaching. At the class, due to an odd number of students, I partnered with an 11-year old girl and did the workout with the young athletes.

On the way home, my kids and I stopped to load some landscaping rock into the back of my vehicle.Upon returning home, my 11 year-old son and I played some driveway basketball. After lunch, I took my car to get new tires. Instead of sitting and waiting, I enjoyed a vigorous walk.Later in the afternoon, I climbed a ladder in the garage to retrieve a heavy blow-up waterslide for my kids, and set it up in the backyard.

They had hours of fun before we had to head off to soccer for the rest of the night.
Why is this normal summer day significant?

Less than two years ago, most of this activity was impossible for me; even the “hopping into the car”. At that time, I had to carefully back up toward the car, sit down on the seat, and then cautiously rotate my body as a unit until my legs were under the steering wheel.

I had recently undergone a spine surgery where a herniated disc between my L4-L5 vertebrae was repaired. The surgery was a result of years of on-again, off-again low back pain and numbness that actually began in college. For the most part, my symptoms were a nuisance.
I’d take it “easy” for a couple of weeks, and they’d subside.

However, after two babies, inappropriate exercise techiques, and poor posture, I had a very unconditioned core. I was a back pain accident waiting to happen. And it did. I exercised in group fitness classes like step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, and Bodypump at a local health club. While I did well for awhile, something felt “wrong” one day in class. My back was not right. I figured it was just another one of the “flare-ups” I’d experienced for years.

I took it easy for a few weeks, and noticed some improvement before going on a trip to Arizona during spring break. While swinging a golf club during a warm-up, I felt a sharp twinge in my low back again. I followed my usual prescription, but the annoying pain, and lower left leg numbness, never really went away. I noticed progressive weakness in my left leg, and felt the back pain increase whenever I’d do even a simple task, like moving a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer.

I’d hurt for days after holding my toddler niece, but I just couldn’t say “no” when she looked up and said “Assn, peas hode me?” Eventually I‘d have to say, “Aunt Allyson can’t hold you because her back hurts.” I really hated that. I did not want that to be my life. At that point, I consulted a string of professionals including, Physical Therapists, neurologists, and chiropractors. I took lots of ibuprofen, had two steroid injections, and felt like I had an intimate relationship with my reusable ice pack for as much time as it spent in my pants. Finally, after two MRIs, I consulted with a spine surgeon.

I was given the choice of whether or not to have surgery to “trim” my herniated L4-L5 disc so that it would no longer impinge on the nearby nerve. The surgeon said that it was a “quality of life” decision for me. Was I ok with my quality of life until my herniated disc reabsorbed, like most do over time? I didn’t have to think very long when I considered how my kids were starting to make comments like “Mom! Your back!” when I would bend to lift something, start to vacuum, or even hug them tightly.

I wasn’t being invited to play catch, take bike rides, or shoot baskets anymore. They were scared I would get hurt, and so was I. I still coached some of their sports, but couldn’t instruct by example, only by words. I clearly remember coaching my daughter’s “coach pitch” softball team. I got to the first game, tried to throw a couple of underhand slow pitches, and felt a “nerve shooter” all the way down my left leg. I had to recruit another parent to pitch for me.

For the remainder of that season, my 65 year-old father drove from Eden Prairie to pitch for me. It was a great experience for him and for my daughter, but was clearly not where I wanted to be at 38 years old.

I had the surgery. Afterward, I noticed no immediate improvements, but knew I needed time to heal. Six months later, after more PT, chiropractic, etc.,I felt the same. No worse than before, but certainly no better, either. I became resigned to the fact that I was going to be on the “sidelines” in life.

About 9 months after my spine surgery, on my 39th birthday, my husband purchased a series of therapy sessions for me at The Body Project. He had simply seen the sign on the window saying “Low Back Therapy” while getting coffee at the café next door. He knew how much I enjoyed being active in the past, and how much I missed it.

I was not thrilled with the idea of doing more therapy with another therapist. Rob says I was very “icy” when I first came in. I guess I felt that I had let my hopes rise so many times before, with so many different people, only to be dissappointed. I just didn’t believe I would ever be “normal” again. But I did start my sessions with Rob, and to put it simply, I got my life back.

Rob explained the mechanics behind the exercises he gave me, and why they were essential to my recovery. I am an analytical person, so I appreciated this approach. He also took various measurements that basically proved how deconditioned my core muscles, glutes, and other low-back supporting muscles were. I didn’t really like hearing that; I thought I’d been doing the “right” things, but I just wasn’t.

I began working with Rob on simple core exercises. I was diligent, very diligent. I paid careful attention to detail, and found Rob’s immediate feedback/correction during my sessions very helpful. By the time I went home, I had complete confidence in what I was doing.

The sessions were not inexpensive, and I thought, “if I’m going to do this, I’m going to give it my best shot”. Within two weeks of the sessions and working at home, I could honestly notice a difference in my abdominal area. It was tighter and I just felt more stable. I continued following the progressions of his exercises, and after a few months felt really great.

I started to try more activities with my kids, and found that I could do them without irritating my low back. I was so excited! I almost didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want to “jinx” myself. About six months after beginning with Rob, I started doing more fitness-based workouts. I felt my body reshaping. I was never really overweight, just very “soft”. My kids always used to say, “Mom, I love your tummy. It’s just like a pillow!”

Well, not anymore!

At my one-year point, my 40th birthday, I had lost 8 pounds, went from a size 10 to a 6, but most importantly to me, I could do really anything I wanted. I’ve been waterskiing, hiking, and ice-skating. I recently finished coaching a 5-month season of boys traveling basketball. It was a wonderful experience. I could actually demonstrate skills and scrimmage with the boys. I coached 4th grade girls track this spring. I even ran the 800M with my girls at the first practice, as they were all worried about this “new” race at their age level.

I am happy. And I am happy with my body. I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to say that in my life…until now.

Rob knows what he is doing, and sincerely wants the best for you. It seems like he is on a mission to help you until you succeed.

Thank you to Rob and the friends I’ve met at The Body Project. I owe you so much, and am so glad we found each other.

Ally Christianson

Inver Grove Heights, MN


Susan Becker

I have been dealing with a bad back for over 17 years, and I have had multiple Cortisone shots, back surgery and lots of anti-inflammatories. After working with three different physical therapists I had all but given up hope forever finding the answer to being pain-free.

After my assessment I realized the reason I didn’t get better with conventional therapy was they were only addressing my body structurally, and now looking at all the other variables like the Body Project does.

After just seven sessions I was pain-free and I went on to do 13 more sessions to strengthen my core better than it ever has been in my life. One of my kids even said to me the other day, “mom its so great to have you back to being your old self, fun, energetic and full of life.” I am grateful for the staff at The body Project and all that they have done for me.

Susan Becker

Mendota Heights, MN


Karen Benson

My name is Karen Benson from Eagan Minnesota and for the last three years I have had on and off lower back pain. At times, I was in major pain for a few days and other times it was just a constant fatigued feeling. But I recently really injured my back by lifting a television and spent the night in the hospital.

After this incident, I was finally motivated to do something about fixing my lower back pain. I heard about Rob through a friend of mine. Rob even came to my house with one of my friends when I got home from the hospital and immediately gave me some exercises to help reduce the pain and also start strengthening my deep abdominal wall.

A week later I met with Rob for an assessment where he determined what was causing my lower back pain and talked to me about solutions. Rob is an expert in this area and it was very educational. Because I had been through previous physical therapy, I was a little skeptical, but after Rob took me through his very thorough assessment I knew his approach and methods were different.

The first sessions focused on stretching and loosening up my tight muscles. Rob was great at explaining the proper technique and giving me things to do at home. I also started doing exercises to strengthen my deep abdominal wall. Within 3 sessions, I began to see and feel results. I continued to meet with Rob twice a week and each session we progressed to more difficult exercises. I was encouraged by the improvements I saw and also by Rob’s positive feedback. Rob’s focus on core training was great.

It has been two months and I still have no back pain. I have been able to do any type of exercising without worrying about injury. I am more toned in my abs/waist/hips and my back is much stronger. Working with Rob was a great experience and I am very thankful for his help. I highly recommend his services to anyone that has low back problems or just wants a flatter midsection.

Karen Benson

Eagan, Mn


Linda Aronson

I have had lower back pain for at least 7 years. I have done chiropractic for about 10 years, which has helped some with the back pain. However, after working with Rob, my lower back pain is gone. Strengthening the inner core has made a huge difference in me. I feel that my frame is more erect and that I am able to be more physical. I am a musician - I play saxophone. An additional benefit from working with Rob is that my breath control and breath sustainability has improved greatly. I am able to play longer phrases and hold out notes longer. I plan on continuing to work with Rob. I have recommended him to several coworkers and friends.

Linda Aronson

Shoreview, MN


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